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Acne Prone Facial Kit

Acne Prone Facial Kit

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All-natural activated charcoal facial cleansing kit for fewer, less severe breakouts!

Use the large Daily Detox Bar 2-3 times daily. Gently work lather into your face for 10-30 seconds. Rinse clear.

When  breakouts appear, use the small Breakout Bar on your whole face (instead of the Daily Detox) for 1-3 days.

Daily Detox cleans at the cellular level without scratching or drying and removes  contaminants from the skin without harsh chemicals.

The Breakout Bar is an anti-bacterial charcoal bar infused with tea tree essential oil.

Kit includes: one small Breakout Bar and one full size Daily Detox and lasts up to three months, twice a day. See links for ingredients.

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